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The millenary town.

This town of almost 2.700 years (older than Rome), from the 3rd century B.C to the 19th century A.D. (more than 2.000 years), known with the name of NARNIA,

was  internationally well known thanks to its strategic and dominating position. For these reasons, this roman colony played an important role during the Roman and Medieval Age. 

In 1870, as a result of the end of the Papal States , the name “Narnia” was changed. Latin would never again be used as an official language so a result, the name became “Narni” to reflect the new vernacular slang of the time.

Original Narnia manuscripts and statutes 17-18th century.

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Start to know Narnia as artists’ inspiration source.

Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot painting “ Ponte di Narni” Bridge of Narni (1826) . This painting is exposed at the Louvre museum in Paris. This famous painting has become also a french stamp. Discover the others…

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With its monuments and natural environment Narnia has been  inspiration for international painters, novelists, writers, medievalists and poets from all over the world.


Narnia is also the birth place of a Roman emperor and mercenary captains.


Photo: San Cassiano Abbey, 11th century

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* Castello de Regine English translation: Queens’ Castle 

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