Get into the Narnia Undeground

Come to know the secrets of Narnia

During a hour guided tour, you will live the history of Narnia (e.g. the Inquisition and Roman Aqueduct). The passion of the team who discovered the underground in 1979 will engage and fascinate you (discovery is always a work in progress, there’s still much more to unearth)

NEWS: because of the generosity of one our donors, each visit includes a free virtual tour that will transport you back to the Narnia past

Take pictures of Nahar gorges and river from our strategic panoramic terrace

For further information click directly on Narnia Underground site:

and to make reservations please contact:

Several natural light spots and spacious rooms are present along the visit

English tour guides and audio translations in several languages are included in the ticket price.

Special groups and kids prices. Handicapp accesibility is available, with advanced request

At the main entrance you will find a kids public garden where you can rest, relax and have a basket lunch. The gardens are provided with public restrooms and water fountains

Dogs on a leash are allowed

You will find the Narnia Underground at the lower part of the town, after you cross the Town Hall square (Piazza dei Priori). Close to Saint Domenico church. 5 minutes from the main town car parking (close to the panoramic elevator)

From the motorway exit, you will be in down- town (Centro Storico), in 10 minutes..

English presentation video:

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