Narnia, with its millennial history, monuments, personages and its leafy natural environment, has inspired many painters, writers, authors, medievalists and poets from all over the world. 

Watch tourist opinion about the real Narnia, during her unexpected visit from New Zealand

Mythological figure in Town Hall building

Mythological figures in Santa Maria Impensole Church 12th century

Mythological figures in Santa Maria Impensole Church 12th century

Mythological figures present in Narnia's building-narnia-in-italy

Mythological figures in Priori's square building

Romans academics Narnia’s citations

Narnia appears in severals important romans academics writings as : Livio in Historiae , Tacito in Tacito Annals, Plinio il Vecchio in Naturals Stories. Plinio il Giovane, in Letters to mother in law, Pompea Celerina.

Narnia in Italy

Franz Kaiserman, Germany, 1795 Augustus' Bridge and the Abbey

Chauvin, Pierre-Athanase, France, 1813 Augustus' Bridge and the valley

Georg Abraham Hackert, Germany Augustus' Bridge and the river gorges

Jacques Francois Joseph Carabain (1834, Amsterdam - 1933, Belgium). Painting Title: Rue a Narni

Internationally renowned italian poet, Gabriele D’Annunzio, dedicated this poetry to Narnia in 1904 as part of a collection called: the towns of the silence.

Gabriele D’Annunzio - Narnia in Italy


Narni, qual dorme in Santo Giovenale
su l’arca il senatore Pietro Cesi,

al dormi tu su’ massi tuoi scoscesi

intorno al tuo Palagio comunale.

Sogni il buon Nerva in ostro imperiale?

o Giovanni tra gli odii in Roma accesi?

Io di secoli, d’acque e d’elci intesi
murmure che dal Nar fino a te sale. 

E vidi su la tua Piazza Priora,

ove muto anco dura il cittadino
orgoglio, alzarsi una grand’ombra armata:

Grande a cavallo il tuo Gattamelata,

sempiterno in quel bronzo fiorentino
che gli invidian lo Sforza ed il Caldora.


Narni, that rest in Saint Giovenale and Senator Pietro Cesi

and sleep on your steep rockys

Around your town hall

Dream about the good roman empereor Nerva?

Life of centuries, of waters and trees

The noise of the Nar river climb up to you

And I saw in your Priors Square

still proud on his horse, your Gattamelata and his army

everlast in his florentine bronze statue

envy of Sforza and Caldora mercenary captains.

Poetry english explication

Narnia territory old map, between the big river (Tiber) and the big mountains

In 1670 it is born the word Le Grand Tour, to describes the english and french aristocratics and artists journeys to Italy through the Flaminia road. The famous British romantic writer, Lord Byron, was one of them. He described his journey in  his narrative poem ” Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage”, 1812-18


Lord Byron - Narnia in Italy

Others famous writers and novelists who visited the Nahar river valley and the Flaminia road, during the Le Grand Tour: Hans Christian Andersen, Wilhelm Heinse and Goethe 

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